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It is with great pleasure that Trailplace presents articles by hikers. We really appreciate the contributions. Click on the title of the article to open a pdf file.

List of articles:

Backpacking with Children, by Ginseng Jane.

Law for Backpackers 101, by Rusty.

Preparing for a Thru-Hike, by Bobcat.

Tony Tiger has written three articles reflecting on his 2007 hike:

The Beginning

The Things They Carried

The Great Smoky Mountains

"Baltimore Jack" Tarlin has written several very specific and helpful articles about resupply. They are included here with his permission. He advises that they are a couple of years old and may not reflect completely current information.

Springer to Damascus

Damascus to Harpers Ferry

Harpers Ferry to Kent

Kent to Hanover

Hanover to Katahdin

Legal note and encouragement:

If you have something you'd like to contribute to the hiking community, we'd be delighted to share it with the public. It is Trailplace's policy that all articles we use are used by the permission of the author, and any copyrights remain with the author. If you later decide to publish it, we will make no claims to ownership. Opinions expressed by the authors of the articles are their own and may not reflect the opinions of owners or moderators of Trailplace.